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A family favourite, this tasty cheese has a smooth texture with a good body. The perfect all-rounder for your everyday needs.

Tasty Features

Matured: 6 months

Available in:  500g


Matured up to 18 months to develop its iconic, sharp, savoury profile, Great Ocean Road Vintage is perfect for adding a flavour kick to any dish or enjoyed all on its own.

Vintage Features


Matured: 16-18 months

Available in: 500g

Light Tasty

Matured for a firm body with slight creaminess. Great Ocean Road Light and Tasty delivers a sharp aftertaste for a balanced taste.

Light Tasty Features

Matured: 6-8 months

Available in: 500g


To develop its creamy buttery texture, Great Ocean Road Colby is matured for just 3 months. This ensures the cheese retains moisture, making it ideal for melting on your toastie!

Colby features

Matured: 3 months

Available in: 500g

Extra Tasty

For a big tasty, strong cheddar flavour and smooth texture keep a block of Great Ocean Road Extra Tasty in the fridge.

Extra Tasty Features

Matured: 9-10 months

Available in: 500g